The Financial Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The Financial Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery

For most people, finances are a big consideration before proceeding with bariatric surgery. However, there are some great economic benefits to bariatric solutions like Lap-Band® that are rarely mentioned. In this article we’ll cover some of those benefits and explain how general bariatrics can save you money rather than being a financial stressor. 

Lowering Your Health Insurance

Roughly 60 million Americans are obese, resulting in record numbers for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even certain types of cancer. Because of these record numbers, our health insurance companies will do anything to keep us from developing conditions—including paying for some bariatric procedures. 

Additionally, opting for bariatric surgery can reduce your monthly premiums, resulting in long-term savings of thousands of dollars. With these savings, the average cost of bariatric surgery is hardly significant and will save you money in the long run. Issues like high blood pressure can disappear with surgical procedures like Lap-Band and save you many trips to the doctor, further contributing to the thickness of your wallet.

Increasing Eligibility

Losing that excess weight is a great way to increase your financial eligibility for coverage options. People who undergo the Lap-Band procedure and lose weight can qualify for better health and life insurance. People who undergo weight loss surgery can qualify for better coverage around two years after losing the weight. With better coverage comes more financial help if catastrophe strikes. This means that any bariatric surgery cost can be miniscule compared to the financial assistance you can receive after weight loss. 

Setting Up Your Appointment

There is no better time to request bariatric surgery from a trusted provider, especially with insurance policies that will cover the cost of surgery. Reach out and talk to someone at our clinic today.