The Long-Term Effects of Lap-Band Surgery

The Long-Term Effects of Lap-Band Surgery

Are you thinking about having bariatric surgery? If you are, then good for you! Thousands of Americans receive some form of bariatric surgery every year. If you’re still deciding, you’re probably seeing multiple procedures popping up in recommended blogs and advertisements. It can be challenging to choose the right solution for you. 

Finding a Solution

Our patients often wonder about the short-term effects of surgery, but today we wanted to focus on the long-term benefits. Specifically, we want to explore the long-term benefits of Lap-Band® surgery and why we recommend it to patients. 

We’ll list some of the long-term benefits of the Lap-Band Program and why it can be the best solution for producing lasting weight loss results. Follow along and read until the end to find the next step for your weight loss journey. 

Enduring Benefits

The Lap-Band procedure is one of the only bariatric solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Because the band is fully adjustable with a quick visit to your doctor, you can customize the process to your needs. With other solutions, this isn’t possible. This customization allows for enduring weight loss that changes as your body changes over time—something that other solutions can’t claim to offer. 

Also, it’s important to note that the gastric band doesn’t alter your anatomy in any way. It doesn’t require irreversible changes to your body like other solutions. The Lap-Band Program emphasizes minimal invasiveness. We want you to live as comfortably as possible while benefiting from a solution that won’t cause you any long-term discomfort. If needed, the band is entirely removable, returning your body to the way it was without any alterations. 

A Healthier Lifestyle

One of the best long-term effects of Lap-Band is the lifestyle changes that we emphasize. Our Lap-Band Program focuses on helping you cultivate a healthier lifestyle rather than just a surgical solution. With the tools to enhance your health, we believe that you can lose weight and become healthier overall.

With other solutions, patients may fail because they resort to old habits. Breaking these habits involves time and encouragement, which requires a more hands-on approach from your medical staff. You can make the necessary changes to lose weight regardless of which solution you choose, but old habits are hard to break when you go at it alone. That’s why we work with patients long-term; we help establish healthy habits that will last throughout your weight loss journey.

Results that Last

The results of our Lap-Band Program are excellent. We’ve seen thousands of patients make healthy changes to enrich their lives and grow happier. This weight loss solution isn’t a fad or temporary solution. Instead, Lap-Band allows you to lose weight over time with lifestyle changes that will help you develop independence. We believe this procedure enables you to take control rather than letting the solution control you.

Do you have more questions? That’s great to hear. We love hearing from people interested in the procedure and trying to find the best weight-loss solution for themselves. If you wish to learn more about Lap-Band, consider reaching out to us today and finding out if it’s right for you.