Workout Motivations Tips

Workout Motivations Tips

With the weather finally turning warmer, more opportunities for outdoor exercise are opening up, whether you’re ready to hit the bike trails or get into running. The warm weather and sunshine might make it easier to push yourself to work out, but in case the motivation-sapping winter blues are still hanging around, check out these workout tips to keep yourself active.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Pack your bag the night before you head to the gym or wear your workout clothes around the house for an hour before you exercise to get yourself in a positive mindset. If you treat your workout like it’s going to happen no matter what, it makes it less likely you’ll skip it at the last second.

Try Morning Workouts

If you struggle to make time for exercise, consider making your workout the first thing you do every day. Morning workout sessions are less likely to be interrupted or rescheduled due to life’s daily conflicts, whether it’s a call from work or laundry that needs to get done. Not only does it set the tone for your day by making your first choice a healthy one, but morning exercise also has multiple health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure and improving your overall energy levels.

Get an Accountability Buddy

It’s much harder to skip out on a workout when you’re not the only one who’s supposed to be working out. Find a friend or family member to exercise with you, and your workouts will start to feel more like a social event than, well, work. In addition, working out with a buddy allows you to learn new exercises and motivate yourself with low-stakes, friendly competition. 

Do What You Can

Some days, the motivation just isn’t there no matter what you do. If you can’t motivate yourself for a full workout, promise yourself to something small, like a 15-minute walk. Some physical activity is always better than nothing, and when you’re done, you might just find you have the energy for a longer workout after all.

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